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~SPIKE~ 08-15-05 06:32 PM

Is numbness normal?
I am a fairly new rider and I was wondering if numbness is normal? I assume that when my butt gets sore that is normal (I know I need to adjust my seat) but my real problem is that my toes on my left foot go numb anytime I ride over 5 miles. I don't have the best circulation in my body anyway, but I have never done anything before that causes numbness in my toes, and only in the left foot. Could this just be the way that I am seated on my bike? Any insight would be wonderful.

Nachoman 08-15-05 06:44 PM

I know this sounds basic, but is your seat adjusted to the co5rrect height? And are your bike shoes the correct size? My wife suffered from "hot foot" for about a year until she found out that one of her shoes was a half size too small!

~SPIKE~ 08-15-05 06:47 PM

I will try adjusting my seat and hopefully that will help me out. I don't have very good circulation and I was wondering if my clothes are bunching too much and slowing circulation to that particular area. I will try adjusting my seat and switching up shoes. Thanks!

clausen 08-15-05 09:22 PM

Is numbness normal? YES. The trick is knowing how to prevent it. For you butt and that area get your seat properly adjusted, get out of the saddle more often and change seating position during your ride. For your foot, loosen your shoes. I usually have to do this after 10-15 kms every ride.

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