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MadMan2k 08-17-05 12:51 PM

Went for a ride yesterday *pics*
Yesterday it was raining, and then it stopped so I decided to go for a little ride and take some pics along the way..

My hardrock was broken so I took my DK cruiser:

Riding along the dirt road from my house:

Cruising along, thought of a cool idea for a picture, did it:

Rode for like 2 miles, saw this machine parked next to the road:

Saw this sunflower plant with some bees hanging out on the flowers:

Rode a bit farther, came to the highway (that car is turning up onto the highway):

Crossed the highway, followed this ATV trail that runs next to it for a little while:

Followed the highway for about 2 miles:

Turned off on my road, swung by the mailbox to pick up the mail, noticed the irrigation ditch had a good bit of water in it after the rain that day:

These pics are actually from the day before, but oh well...
Bunny hop:

(not really... lol)

colinm 08-17-05 01:18 PM

MadMan2k 08-17-05 02:57 PM

Can't you open them?

timmhaan 08-17-05 02:59 PM

i don't see pics or links for pics either. curious to see them though.

MadMan2k 08-17-05 03:24 PM

The links, in order they appear in the post

VegasVic 08-17-05 03:26 PM

I see the pics just fine. Wish i had someplace like that to ride around my house. I get to dodge cars the whole time.

timmhaan 08-17-05 03:29 PM

oh, i understand why i couldn't see them. they are blocked from my work internet. category is sex. i wonder why that is?

Big Tommy C 08-17-05 03:52 PM

What, no helmet?

MadMan2k 08-17-05 05:11 PM

hmm... I didnt check the box that says this site has adult content when I signed up for the server, wonder why it thinks it's sex :S

Big Tommy C: no, I didnt have a helmet on when I took those pics.. figures later that day I crashed and scraped my chin on the pavement... might be nice to have a full face helmet, lol

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