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fubar5 03-10-01 09:18 PM

I'm not really in any biker circles, but in a bike magazine I've got bikers were talkin' about how girls dig their shaved legs. My question: Is guys shaving their legs a biker thing?

LittleBigMan 03-10-01 11:27 PM

Yeah. I don't, but they say if you crash, the rash is easier to deal with.

Good question.

toolfreak 03-11-01 05:36 AM

If you made a big crash with your bike, your legs are bleeding and it hurts like hell!

Why shave???

It`s part of the job, is it?

"ride my bike on the daik"

Mark b.

Marcy S 03-12-01 02:44 PM

Supposedly, men cyclists shave their legs for various reasons. The three most common reasons that I heard; if you crash, the debris from the wound will be easier to clean; it's more aerodynamic against the wind; and of course because you can show off your hard earned leg muscles!

Joe Gardner 03-12-01 03:29 PM

My question: Is guys shaving their legs a biker thing?

The only other "sport" that i can think of that men shave there legs for, is swimming.... I had a good friend who was in my highschool swim team, and he would goto "shaving parties" where everyone would shave basically everything, glad i was never invited to that party!

Hunter 03-12-01 04:16 PM

Yeah here are some more bodybuilders shave their legs. So do most pro wrestlers, and full contact no holds barred fighters that way you have nothing to grab or pull on. I agree Joe I would have declined a invite to that party too!

Buddy Hayden 03-13-01 04:21 AM

Some dudes think that because they shave thier legs,they are making a total commitment to the sport they love.!!, I think that unless you're riding for a pro team , leave the leg shaving alone ! (of course if you're into wearing dresses after dark and you're name is LOLA, then that is something compleeeeetly different !!). cheers Buddy

fubar5 03-14-01 10:21 PM

Well, I didn't read some of your replies soon enough. I already went ahead and shaved. But thats ok. Lance Armstrong shaved his legs before he was pro. Besides, its cooler than having hairy legs anyway. ;P

Biking ZED 03-28-01 11:11 PM

Well I suppose shaving for aerodynamics makes sense, but nah not for me, but then again Im not a pro either , go figure huh

fubar5 03-29-01 06:54 AM

I think the last two reasons settle the shaving dilemma for most people. It did for me. But after I shaved my legs I had a crash on my bike and got a gash on my lower shin, it was kinda bloody.But it was A LOT easier to stop the bleeding with no hair. And the best part was that when the scab formed no nasty leg hairs got matted in, so the scar( in my opinion) looked cool instead of gross.

mike 03-31-01 09:39 PM

You don't need to actually shave your legs for them to get smooth. Just ride a lot with jeans on. The hair will abraid off.

Upon seeing my blue-jean biker stems, my own father accused me of shaving my legs. He is from the old school and was shocked to think his son had gone sissy all of a sudden. I assured him that it was from riding with pants on, but he is still half-concerned.

I do a lot of other sports besides biking and can't afford to have the other fellers think that I shave my legs for ANY reason. That just wouldn't be a manly thing.

So, I wouldn't shave my legs even if my wife begged me to. Hmm, begging... Well, I wouldn't do it if she just asked me to, but maybe if she asked me really nice I would - especially if she promised to make a pecan pie for me. Ah, what am I thinking?! - No shaved legs for me.

LittleBigMan 03-31-01 11:04 PM

A real man will rip the bandage off along with the hair.

(Ouch! Hey, that HURT!)

Buddy Hayden 03-31-01 11:47 PM

Yo Pete, wha' choo doin' there wi' da gaffa tape ??? hehehehehe

LittleBigMan 03-31-01 11:54 PM

I was thinking about wearing tight jeans while riding (instead of shaving), but I can't bend my legs even to walk...

Buddy Hayden 04-01-01 12:06 AM

Oh man that jeans thing sends me straight back to 1977!!! (laughs extremely loud,whilst falling over trying to put jeans on !)..........

technogirl 04-01-01 01:31 AM

That's a good question--to shave or not to shave! Personally, I shave my legs (no brainer there). I think in these parts of SoCal, it's super sexy for women to have shaved legs. I say, "Keep legs shaved!"

Okay, for guys, the jury is still out on that one...I'm partial to leg hair for men, myself...sounds like makings of a poll to me!

As far as hairlessness helping gashes, I have no idea. I've got that low-tolerance-for-pain thing going, so no amount of hair on the knee, will help the amount of pain that I felt as I hit the road. ;)

For the debris in the wound, whisky should help...takin' a swig of it as you clean out that nasty gash, would possibly help the pain. Hey, it wouldn't hurt! (We're assumin', of course, the whisky's at home, and not in your spare hip flask...) :D

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fubar5 04-02-01 09:05 AM

Geez.. I was gone for the weekend and came back to find this thread had turned into a big discussion.
My mom is from the old school too, she says shaving is sissy. My dad won't talk about it. The guy I ride(bikes) with says I should keep it up. Of course, I have to go with what the parents want, so I'm letting grow back out.

mike 04-02-01 10:32 AM

Furbar5, start wearing tight jeans as mentioned above for the purpose of abraiding off your leg hairs.

Maybe you can get your folks to compromise and let you shave as long as you don't wear tight jeans.

It worked for me and it could work for you too.

fubar5 04-02-01 11:50 AM

Gocha, thanks I on it.:beer:

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