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flying_scotsman 08-19-05 05:38 AM

sore neck and shoulders (advise please)
Hello all, can anyone give me some advice about correct saddle height and distance from the stem. I believe my 18" mountain bike may be set up wrong and leading to me having a really painful stiff neck and shoulders after I've been out for a ride. Any help appreciated.

tulip 08-19-05 08:14 AM

All depends on you and your bike. You might consider taking in to a local bike shop and having someone with a trained eye take a look. Also, be sure to bend your elbows when you ride.

ginger green 08-19-05 09:38 AM

Or if you have a digital camera - have someone take a quick picture and post it - you may get some quick free advice.

Ur if ye hae a digital camera - hae someain tak' a quick picture an' post it - ye main gie some quick free advice.

Sorry Scotsman - I could not resist - welcome to bikeforum

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