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xisle 03-11-01 11:00 AM

I recently took my z1's apart to replace the seals, only to find that one of the hydraulic cartridges was broken

The slider/rod thing that goes into the catridge had come out. By the looks of it the rod has a thread on the end so I am assing this screws into the plunger bit inside the body of the catridge.

The trouble i am having is holding the plunger still while i try and screw the rod back in. The catridge looks like it is press sealed and the plunger is inside that.

I tried wedging a spoke through the outlet hole in the bottom of the catridge to hold the plunger still. This didn't work too well, it just came out again after a days riding.

If anyone has had a similar problem please let me know if and how you solved it. If anyone else has some suggestions, tell me.


Hunter 03-11-01 04:57 PM

HHHHMMMMMM!! I can assist you this way!

Down at the bottom of the page it has dowload tech manual. I downloaded on e for mine. It has an exploded view of the fork. In the 2000 models there are 4 Z 1's. You can also get a whole lot of great information form their web site. Ok I went to the site and looked at a view of a ZI CR the manual does not show the cartridge as being able to come apart like that. I would pull the cartridge hold it by hand and try to thread it back in. You may want to seriously consider replacing that part!

xisle 03-11-01 06:30 PM

I would replace it, but the rep for my area tells me that they have run out of catridges in australia. This means it would have be ordered from Italy, so it would take ages and ages to get here. Plus its $200 for 1 new catridge.

Marazocchi dont seem to consider the catridge a servicable part. I had a look at the manual on the website and the whole catridge is a single piece in the exploded view. Also, the rep didn't know anything about putting it back together.

I guess i will just have to persevere with it.

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