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orguasch 03-11-01 07:31 PM

which is the bike theft city in the world,, any takers on these?:cry:

MadCat 03-12-01 02:02 AM

My second or third bicycle got stolen when I was in Calgary. It was actually and hand-me-down from my brother but I'm still bitter about it. From that day on, whenever someone mentions bicycle theft, I think of Calgary, Alberta.

orguasch 03-12-01 08:17 AM

Toronto, would be the No. I bike theft city in the world, , I live in the City of Toronto, so I don't want to scare anybody, but that is a fact of life.

Marcy S 03-12-01 10:53 AM

New York City!!! Kryptonite even named a lock after it.

Hunter 03-12-01 01:20 PM

Yes Marcy is correct! On average a bicycle is stolen in New York city every 15 seconds! Kryptonite named a lock like Marcy said after it called the New York lock. However it also states on the packaging that it is not guranteed on Long Island!

Marcy S 03-12-01 02:19 PM

Hunter, that is too funny about the lock not being guaranteed against theft on Long Island. I'm surprised L.I. over Manhattan or one of the other borough's.
I checked the Kyroptonite website and they actually have 3 locks named after New York..... NY Chain w/EV Disc Lock, NY Noose w/EV Disc- Short, and the New York Lock.
I personally don't like to leave my bike out of my sight for a second, although we left them unlocked outside a restaurant in Brooklyn (of course within our view) and people just stopped to check them out and then kept walking by. We were all eating in 'ready' position to run after a crook! Also, a good thing to do is to put your bike in the lowest gear and then without pedaling, click your gear into the highest gear... this way if someone tries to take off with your bike, it won't be in a gear and it'll be too hard to pedal.

Joe Gardner 03-12-01 02:57 PM

Im the proud owner of the first gen NY U-Locks, mine weighs almost 5lbs, and itsnt yellow... oh well :(

I watched a TV special on bike theft in NYC on 60min a few years ago... i was amazed what thoes guys would do to steal a bike! 60min put in a tracking device in the frame of a $200 bike, and within 5 min of locking it to a bus post, a guy came along, picked the bus post out of the sidewalk (it just slid in a tube) and took off on the bike. 60min gave chase and caught the guy in his apt a few miles away... the guy ended up jumping out of his window to get away (but didnt)... when he stole the bike, he also rode it down a one-way street, into oncoming traffic to get away.

If i had to bike in NYC, or any other big cities i think i would take a track bike, fixed gear no brakes in the city, if somebody takes it, they will crash within 50 yards when they try to stop pedaling, or stop :)

Hunter 03-12-01 04:10 PM

Yeah Marcy and Joe I hear ya! I spoke with a Krytonite guy once and he said that what they had done was researched how people stole bikes. It went from freon and a ball peen hammer, to believe ti or not a small portable scissors jack. That is why the NEw York lock is so slender in coparrison to the others. Where I came from i Va. they used to take everything else that was not locked to a tree or pole. They also used to cut the tree's down or remove the sign on a pole! What I used to tell people is take out your seat and remove your front wheel and take it with you. Good idea on the gear switch though that would make it real hard. You could also derail the chain at the crank and place it on your bottom bracket. Still it is amazing what people will do for a bike.

Buddy Hayden 03-13-01 04:31 AM

Even a couple of padlocks thru the holes in the chainringsand around the chain will stop the thief from pedaling away..

rick troxell 03-14-01 11:20 AM

been to canada and had a bike ripped off both times. The police in niagara falls said #1 stolen item was bicycles. So how come all canadians aren't riding them??

orguasch 03-14-01 06:01 PM

Rick, You must be riding at the wrong place, , because here in Toronto, you will find a lot of people riding their bike even in Winter,

claude 03-15-01 07:20 AM

Amsterdam..... must be amsterdam, but no one cares anyway since 1. They're so happy ;) , and 2. they all make it a point to ride crap bikes which no one will steal.


mike 03-31-01 09:56 PM

Thank China for slowing down bike theft in the USA.

Bike theft has slowed down significantly since the '70's and early 80's. Those were cowboy days in the bicycle world. Bikes had high value and used bikes had a good market.

These days, bikes are so cheap (thanks to Chinese imports) that the market for used bikes is almost non-existant. Most kids are more interested in the paint and graffics than the bike itself and they are wealthy enough to want their own new bikes.

Plus, if you get your bike registered now with the police and put the police registration on your bike, the computerized registation gives you a much better chance of getting your bike back than it did in earlier times.


orguasch 03-31-01 10:05 PM

Mike, I am sorry but here in Toronto, the police are more interested in getting a salary raise than fiding any bike stolen, we have the so called Bike registration program with the Police department and guest what, the Bike registration paper on the bike just end up at the front desk drawer of the police station, and about hoping to get your bike back, dream on

mike 03-31-01 10:37 PM

Geeze, Oscar. I am sorry to hear that police in Canada are such posers.

In the USA, we love our policemen. They are great. They find out stolen things and are nice. They catch bad guys and have good dental hygiene.

We sent the bad ones away to some foreign country - or Los Angeles (oh,wait, that is a foreign country too). It is a secret where exactly the no good police are sent, but I sure wouldn't want ta live der, 'eh!

orguasch 03-31-01 10:51 PM

they are not only poser, but also cry babies, the Police chief everytime there is a sensational crime committed in the city, he cries that the city is no loner safe to live in, thus he is asking for more money to pay the policeman.

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