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leesub 08-24-05 12:32 AM

Vein Surgery
Have some rather large veins in my right leg. Considering having them surgically removed. Has anyone done this procedure (vein stripping)? Seems pretty straight forward. If so, was there any long term problems with cycling afterwards? Was the procedure effective? Want to get all the information before making a decision. Thanks in advance.

ovoleg 08-24-05 02:06 AM

Talk to your doctor....

Why would you want them removed?

Sounds like a bad idea if nothing is wrong.

Anyways, consult your doctor not a bunch of people on the NET!!!!!!

RonH 08-24-05 05:59 AM

I have the same problem. Talked to two different vein docs and both said they could do the surgery but new varicose veins would most likely show up elsewhere on the leg within two years. :crash: So I just live with it.

hi565 08-24-05 01:41 PM

You do know that you are dealing with varicose veins? Have you been diagnosed? Or are you just ripped :D

Honestly though, why do it look up george hincapie on google, he has varicose viens and he races with Team Discovery channel.

But im not a doctor, so thats the person you should be talking to.

lilHinault 08-24-05 06:07 PM

I have this funky little vein "v" or maybe it's a "u" or a "florida" on one leg, had it since high school. It's just there, though, see-able but not feel-able. I have seen people with some nasty thrombosed (means engorged, or puffed up, with blood) varicose veins and those are well worth getting taken out if you can afford it. They're not carrying blood, or moving it in any case, and they look awful, and are a certain clot and injury risk.

One gal in the club I'm in has the huge-est vein running down one arm, it's amazing. And she drops me like a hot potato too.

jisho 08-26-05 04:28 PM

Tall folks have a greater incidence of these. The vein is essentially non functional and serves no purpose. Vein stripping, as it is called, is the primary form of treatment but chemicals are sometimes used. A vascular surgeon threads a wire through the length of the vein, attaches it to one end, and then pulls it through the vein track thus excising the vein. Post operatively there is bruising which may last weeks or more. Generally speaking the procedure is done for cosmetic reasons.

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