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MattP. 08-27-05 09:26 PM

Performance shipping time to CA?
They shipped my order Tuesday and its on my way, but being the impatient person I am, I want it now :D Anyone who lives near me (Sacramento) in CA, how long does it usually take a Performance order to get to you via regular shipping? The latest thing when I tracked it said it "Departed APX Northeast" whatever that means, and that was Thursday I think.....

I already have my pedals, I just want my shoes now :(


RiDE 08-27-05 09:38 PM

I say 5 days, not including weekends. So maybe 1 week total?

R900 08-27-05 09:55 PM

It drives me crazy the big three (Nashbar, Supergo, Performance) use USPS standard shipping, it takes forever and tracking sucks! I've had orders take 10 days from Nashbar (Ohio - Indiana). UPS one day basic ground, Fed EX is two days, at least they could use Priority Mail. Usually Performance is about one week (NC to Indiana). My guess is shipping to the West Coast would add a couple days. I almost always pay the $3 extra for 2-day shipping, but was using the $.99 shipping offer the last couple weeks. I did get an order fairly quick from REI and they at least did use Priority Mail. My guess would be 10 days total.


gcasillo 08-27-05 10:49 PM

The worst is when you have an order with multiple items. Most ship except one which goes on backorder sometime between the time you order it and the time it is supposed to ship. They get the part in, and I think cool. It'll be here in a couple days. Wrong. They ship leftover items from an order via USPS Encumbered. That can take a week from NC-KY. Priority reaches me pronto; it'd be nice if they did Priority Mail instead.

gcasillo 08-27-05 11:42 PM

I'm a TP member. The 2-day shipping is great. Not a problem there. It's the stuff that goes backordered after you order it when the web site says "In Stock." At that point, it'll be no less than two weeks before I have the backordered part in hand.

Lesson: Don't order stuff from Performance that you need right away.

MattP. 08-28-05 12:31 AM

Ya, I wish they would use USPS Priority at least. I ordered Sunday night from Performance and a guy from ebay. Both got shipped on Tuesday, but the guy on ebay used Priority mail. Both were coming from the east coast, and the ebay order arrived yesterday. So now I'm stuck staring at my pedals, w/ no shoes :( I'm tempted to hijack my friends shoes which he left here and swap out the cleats :)

But all 3 items were shipped at the same time, so I guess it's just a matter of waiting :( I used the $.99 shipping, now that I look back, I wish I would of forked over the extra few dollars for 2-day FedEx.

Oh well

freeranger 08-28-05 07:07 AM

Performance has to be the slowest I've dealt with! It took over 10 "working days" to get a package to KY. And seeing that it shipped from APX Northeast (same thing that showed when I traced it), I would expect the time to CA to be at least 10 work days. I've had MUCH better delivery times with Jenson and Icycles. I haven't used customer service in many web dealers, but I have spoken with Jenson's customer service before and they were very helpful.

R900 08-28-05 07:30 AM

I'm a Performance Team Member as well, and the 2-day shipping is great, but the .99 special slow shipping is fine for stuff you don't want ASAP, but slow otherwise. I don't know if the Post Office is slowing down parcel post stuff on purpose to promote Priority Mail or what, but for the few cents more it would be a lot better customer service to ship Priority Mail. The stores get the orders out, usually same or next day, but the post office takes forever. I really wish they used UPS, fast shipping even with basic ground, great tracking, and the easy to use insurance if you have a claim. Years ago Nashbar orders would be next day (OH-IN) with standard shipping, but now even with Fed-Ex 2-day they take 2 business days.


P.S. I also don't like the back order policy, but I guess I understand they can't ship a 10 piece order one piece at a time. I had one order come in 2-days, but the backorder item shipped a day later and arrived about 7 days after the first...

ngateguy 08-28-05 12:35 PM

Whenever I order from them it takes a week. Should be the same for you down there.

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