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landraks 08-29-05 07:17 PM

Looking for comfort bike. HELP!
I am interested in purchasing a comfort bike. I have been to two local bike shops and haven't found what I am looking for. I want a bike with upright handbars, no grip shifting (I prefer rapid fire) and skinny tires. Oh and I don't want to spend more than $400. Does anyone have an suggestions about what bike has these features? Thanks!!!!

jur 08-29-05 08:01 PM

Ignore the skinny tyres for now, you can replace whatever tyres that come with the bike for $10-20.

Don't buy a department store bike. Make sure you buy from LBS (local bike shop).

Here's my suggestion: Giant Sedona, Giant Cypress. I purposely leave out the model designations. Ask the LBS to show you these or other brand equivalents.

Marylandnewbie 08-30-05 07:36 AM

You might want to examine your terminology before going into an LBS. A comfort bike will have upright handle bars as you want but it will also have a huge wide seat and is often slung low enough that you can put your feet on the ground while sitting on the seat.

If you want upright seating and a bike that will ride a bit faster and handle better then you probably want to look at a hybrid. Most LBS' will have several types of hybrids in that price range or below. I think a hybrid would be a better investment than a comfort bike -- especially if you anticipate riding a lot. The hybrid will be better able to match your growing strengths and skills, be more comfortable at longer distances and will probably be more upgradable if you choose to do so.

There is no definitive line between hybrids and comfort bikes, so check out as many styles as you can. Tell the folks at the LBS as much as you can about where and how you want to ride so they can give you their best advice -- its not perfect, but at least its informed advice.

Bigmark 08-30-05 07:43 AM

Check out my cycling page, I have everything you are looking for except the skinny tires, and I will have 28mm on before the season is over. I flat out love the bike, and as of yet have no complaints. Just one question, what type of riding are you planning on?

KingTermite 08-30-05 10:05 AM

I love my Trek Navigator (300) comfort, but it doesn't have skinny tires and it does have grip shifters. As mentioned, you can skip the tires for now and replace them. I put 1.5" wide smooth tires on mine. You can probably get a changeout to rapid fire shifters too for a little more money.

When I was testing all the different models, I remember one that did have rapid fire shifters, but I can't remember now which one. I think it was either Raleigh or Giant.

Don't be in a hurry....just go to many different bike shops and tell them your requirements. They'll be happy to show you what they have. Call ahead of time to see what brands they carry. No sense going to all shops that sell same models. Try them all out and then go with the one you like the best.

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