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cruiser 03-14-01 03:58 PM

If you enter in a race or competition. Do you want to win or do you just want to do it for fun. Just want to see what other people do. I think its great to win but its also fun even if you don't win.Just to enter is cool. What do you think?:)

fubar5 03-14-01 10:41 PM

I think,
That it depends entirely on the person. Me, I can't stand to lose. Not that I'm a sore loser, I've been on baseball teams that didn't win a single game in a season, a soccer team that scored only one goal the ENTIRE season, and scored less than one-hundred while bowling. But for all the losing I've been through I still can't stand it. I always take losing personally, but on my baseball team I couldnt' make much of a difference, it takes the whole team to win, not one person, same with soccer. But on a bike, or in a running race, it is just me against other individuals(unless you are part of a team like USPS) ,but even then, one person can make a huge difference. So when I race( bike or running) I take it very competitivley and personally, losing means that somebody else is better than me, that he(or she) can push to the brink better. No way dude. I would rather pass out or start vomiting at the end of the race than let somebody beat me, screw the fun, I have to beat these guys.

technogirl 03-14-01 10:56 PM

Well...I always tell myself when I initially sign up for the race/event it's for "fun", but when I do go out there, it's to do the best I can--especially if it means to win! :)

I haven't done any bike races--yet, but I've done a lot of running races and a few marathons, I think it's the adrenalin--rush that I get when I'm almost towards the finish where I do a "kick", mind you, where THAT came from, I have no idea. It's always good training anyway, I think, and I've got to admit, lots of fun to run/race with a group of friends!

Fubar5, the pukin' stuff should be categorized under the "fun" category--definitely! :)

You can get a natural high and have with no side effects (or bad consequences for that matter)--what more can you ask for? :D

fubar5 03-14-01 11:03 PM

I always tell myself that if it doesn't hurt like hell the next day then I didn't pushed hard enough.
There is a glory to crossing the finish line gasping for air and pukin' isn't there?

TriBob 03-15-01 07:13 AM

I do it for fun and personal acheivement. I agree with F5 that if you don't feel like totally spent at the end of the race you didn't give it your all. I set my goals for the race, sometimes I make them sometimes I don't. Either way I learn from them and am better prepared for the next one.

A F Baker 03-15-01 08:55 PM

Last summer during softball season I played the last three games with a broken hand. I was unwilling to admit defeat...we lost all of our games last year anyway!
Regardless of the losing season (0 for life!) I had fun.

F5, GO TILL YOU BLOW!! :thumbup:

Rich 03-16-01 02:59 AM

I used to be pretty competitive when I was younger, but like the fun of the racing now though...

He he, maybe it's because I stand no chance of winning anymore!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha...

Oh, sorry, got a little carried away there....urm, happy Friday people!!!


orguasch 03-28-01 07:14 PM

anytime I join any competition I joined to"win" losing is not an option 'coz:cry:

pat5319 04-06-01 12:37 PM

To win if I'm thin
For fun if I'm fat

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