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futuresealsnipe 08-31-05 06:41 PM

Which bike?
Just checked some out at the local store, deciding between a Huffy Sante Fe, Huffy ASR?, Mongoose Estes, and Quasar Bounty (haven't heard of it either). The Quasar is the cheapest but the other ones have all the shocks and whatever else on them? Any reccommendations? I will mainly use the bike to train, and also to commute, mostly on pavement but sometimes I'll need to go over snow, mud, etc.
Thanks :)

Milice 08-31-05 09:06 PM

Wouldnt waste my time or money on any of them. You will end up with more headaches and a waste of money. Train for what?

futuresealsnipe 08-31-05 09:23 PM

I'm just gonna train for the Army/Navy, whichever I end up in. I just do it in addition to swimming since both are good workouts (along with running, push-ups, etc.)
I don't need a high end bike nor can I afford it. Just something that should last a while and do what I need with it. Also, can you just buy slicks for one of these then swap the MTB treads back on later? That seems like it'd be good for this time of season.
Sorry for the questions. I'm a total "noob" to the whole biking world (other than peddling around on a kids bike for who knows how long.)

Bekologist 09-01-05 06:48 AM

I recommend you get yourself to a real bikeshop and stop looking at wallyworld bikes. you don't need a high end bike, but buying a POS bike is no bargain. instead of spending 75 dollars, save another hundred or so and get a bike worth buying.

Banzai 09-01-05 07:59 AM

I agree with Bekologist. Any "training", commuting, or enjoyment could possibly be cut short by continuing frustration with the mechanical performance of the bike. Huffy's and the like are OK for kids, I think, since kids' bikes are so mechanically simple. However, once you get into something far more complex, and something that ideally you want to last out.
But hey, once you join the Army nowadays, you'll never be home to enjoy your bike anyway.

Walkafire 09-01-05 08:06 AM

Click on this link then click on the City nearest to you...

futuresealsnipe 09-01-05 04:29 PM

Well, I took your guys' advice and checked out the local bike shop (webpage, no time yet to ride up there). Do you think there is something better that I can get for 200$ or under? If not, I'll just get a cheapie bike and take my chances probably.

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