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heckflosse 09-01-05 03:04 AM

First impressions of my Eco-Bike
Just went for my first ride on the 36v 200w Electronic assist bike I've recently bought.
First impressions, very good. Did about five miles with hardly no pedaling on my behalf. It could cope with most hills under it's own power and with a little effort from me made light work of the steeper ones. Considering I've a leaking valve (heart, not tyre :D) when I got home not only was I impressed with it's perfomance and my lack of exertion but also noticed the battery gauge was still showing a full charge :)
The only criticism I could think of is that because of its weight it's not as maneuverable at slow speeds (although far better than a small motorbike or moped) and I expect carrying it up a couple flights of stairs may take it's toll.

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