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Ben C 09-04-05 07:17 AM

Can someone measure internal size of their OnGuard mini?
I'd like to buy a U lock, but I have mudguards on the rear wheel that extend it by quite a way. It's 7cm from the outside of the mudguard to the inside of the wheel. Thus, to use the rear rim locking technique I'd have to have a U lock that has an *internal* width of at least 7cm.

I'd like the OnGuard Bulldog mini but I can't find the specific dimensions of it anywhere on the net. The closest I've come is "89mm x 140mm x 13mm diameter shackle" but I don't know whether the width of 89mm includes the two 13mm shackles. So, the lock is probably either 89mm or 63mm wide on the inside.

If the mini fits, I'll use it; otherwise I'll get the Krypto New York.


Ben C 09-05-05 04:56 PM

Please? I know a lot of people have this lock - I'm buying it because of this forum! :)

supcom 09-05-05 06:19 PM

My OnGuard Mini has a 90.5mm opening inside diameter between the rubber coatings. The dimensions do not include the bike mount that slides onto one of the legs as I have removed it from my lock.

alanbikehouston 09-06-05 09:49 PM

On my mountain bike, the Mini fits (just) around the rear wheel. It would not fit around that wheel if I was using a fender. It MIGHT fit around a road bike rear wheel and fender if it is a slim fender that sits down very close to the tire. Take your bike to your corner bike store and do a "trial" at the store before you invest the money.

I don't mind carrying the much heavier New York 3000 and OnGuard Brute U-locks with a bike that has a good place to carry them. A couple of my bikes have rear racks. The four or five pounds of extra weight not a problem when it is sitting directly over the rear wheel, firmly attached to the rack.

But, if you want to carry a lock in your back pocket, or bag, the Mini locks are MUCH more portable.

Ben C 09-08-05 07:44 AM

I ordered the Bulldog Mini and I can confirm that it works well with my mudguards. Much cheaper and smaller than the NY3000, so I'm very happy.

Thanks to both of you. :)

brokenrobot 09-08-05 10:16 AM

For any future readers (though the OP's question has been answered) - I called Onguard / Todson customer support before buying a lock, and they wieghed and measured several models for me while I was on the phone, and even helped me find an out-of-production model online (because I wanted a mini with a long shackle)... Very helpful people!

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