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Joe Gardner 03-27-01 12:50 AM

That sucked! :(

I need to put "Make a backup of database every 6hrs" sign on my computer now.

Joe Gardner 03-27-01 01:04 AM

It looks like theres still a few small errors, avatar links, icon problems, and search problems, these should all be fixed in the next hour or so...

aerobat 03-27-01 07:32 AM

You're right Joe, that sucked, but I'm sure it's not your fault, we all know how computers are. Anyway, I'm glad you're back up and running, I misses all my friends here at the forum.

fubar5 03-27-01 08:20 AM

I bet that did suck Joe. I have worked on webpages before and I know it sucks when the server doesn't work or there's a HTML error or something that makes the page mess up. I hope everything smoothes out for you!!

toolfreak 03-27-01 01:17 PM

It,s fun to be back and "smurf" around for a while, cheers mr. webmaster!

mark b.

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