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Portis 09-08-05 05:02 PM

No insoles for Shoes. Ebay Auction
I won these shoes on an ebay auction. I felt like i got a pretty good the seller emails me and tells me that "I was packing up your shoes today and noticed that there are no insoles. They must have had custom insoles inside the shoes."

I told her that i assumed the shoes were complete when i bought them and if she would refund $15 I would still take the shoes.

There is always the possibility that the seller didn't feel like i paid enough and is trying to scare me off. OR they could have made an honest mistake. :rolleyes: I guess i don't trust too many ebayers any more.

Either way, i bought these a bit large to use for winter cycling. I would be happy to stick some thermal insoles in them if she compensates me. I have never bought a pair of insoles in my life. What should i look for in cycling insoles for these shoes? (they don't need to be thermal, that was just a thought) Thanks for any help. It might help me decide what to do on this deal!

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