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terrors 09-09-05 07:04 PM

bridgestone XO-3 good deal??
oh oh i done did it again! another bike, two in two days.! i picked up a near mint bridgestone XO-3. hardly ridden and in great condition. the original mustached bars have been changed out but other than that it is original i think. drive is all shimano exage es, shifters shimano deore, dia-compe xce brakes with ss-4 levers, the stem is a Tranz-x and is adjustable for the angle, it also has integrated bull horns and mirror, bars look like they are something called ODI, pedals sakae MTP-170, sugino cranks and rings 50-40-30., wheels arya cv-7 26x1.50. tires like new ritchey 'tom slick', SN F225084 triple butted chro-mo 'croston' ext-ishiwata. made in japan. i think a '93. $75 a lot more than i usually pay for older bikes but couldn't resist. is this a good buy? will put up a picture if anyone is interested.

Retro Grouch 09-10-05 08:38 AM

I think that paying $75.00 for a bike that you like is a real good deal. If you bought it to "flip" I think that you might have some trouble.

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