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MadScientist 09-11-05 11:10 PM

night riders
I ride at night to work and leave in the morning around dusk. Most sweet ride. twilight riding? anyone else? :D

rykoala 09-12-05 10:56 AM

For the next 2 months, I'm to be at work at 3am. So I just picked up a Cygolite night rover and a cateye blinker for the back, and rode in this morning. It was great!

TheRCF 09-12-05 05:47 PM

All my outbound rides are early - anywhere from 1:50 AM to 4:00 AM starting (usually 2:30 - 3:00). I ride 2-3 hours and then, part way coming back home, I stop and eat breakfast at a beach restaurant in Waikiki. Then I either go on home or spend time on the beach first. I love not having traffic issues, but it is also cooler.

norsehabanero 09-13-05 12:25 AM

no traffic no people just the night air, the only problem i have had is with skunks,
just dont piss them off, they are night critters

Dougmt 09-13-05 01:11 AM

I like riding at night.. I use a HID headlight and the cateye LD-1000 and the performance flare for the rear plus I have the reflective tires from conti (TT).

Toasted 09-13-05 04:06 AM

It's wonderful! I've ridden from sundown to sunup just because it was so calm...but I don't care HOW bright my headlight is, I still can't see potholes during the new moon.

jeff williams 09-13-05 04:11 AM

Nights s'nice. Less metal..but more dangerous.

Gojohnnygo. 09-13-05 12:09 PM

I love riding at night. Be careful riding at dawn if riding to the east or into the sun. The best of taillights become invisible to cagers because of the sun in there face.

same time 09-13-05 02:46 PM

Used to work a night shift in Manhattan. Riding home just before sunrise, weekend mornings, was the best. City was empty and silent, except for a few cops and some underdressed club kids who stayed out too late.

Stannian 09-14-05 10:45 AM

My evening commute usually leaves me in the dark, but it is nothing compared to mountain biking at night. That is just an awesome experience.

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