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A F Baker 03-27-01 08:28 PM

Today I was riding to work, and when I arrived I went to get my bottle of water (not to be confused with water bottle), and it wasn't there. The water bottle had been sticking out of the back pocket of my bag. It even had one of my bungie chords around it, and it never made it to work with me.

A few weeks ago at the end of my long weekend ride, I looked back and my rack bag was barely holding on because one of my bungie chords had fallen off without me knowing about it. I guess I hadn't securely fastened the chord to my rack, and it fell off. Honestly I wasn't that attached to the missing chord or the bottle of water, but I'm sure this happens to almost all cyclist.

What kind of goodies have you left scattered across your cycling route (even if it was an intentional misplacement)?

Joe Gardner 03-27-01 08:41 PM

2 mini pumps.
2 extra tubes.
1 100oz camelbak bladder.
1 multi-tool.
1 bike computer.
1 patch kit.

All the stuff i have lost was when im mtn biking, the stuff just shakes off, i guess. I lost the multi-tool, extra bladder, tubes and patch kit on the same ride, i forgot to zip up my camelbak before a 20 mile singletrack ride, The next day, i did the ride again, to see if i could find anything i lost, the only thing i found was part of the patch kit, a old tube of glue.

aerobat 03-27-01 11:23 PM

This is an almost lost. I was on a ride with a friend and we stopped to check the map. When we started up again, my friend stopped me and pointed to my computer, which I was about to run over. I had previously broken off the locking tab on the mount when the weather was colder and hadn't replaced it. A few days later a similar thing happened but I noticed it myself. I've since replaced the mount!

orguasch 03-28-01 05:16 AM

Thank God, I have not lost anything (material things), while biking , because if I did lost anything when I reach my house, I would be thinking how I lost that something and it will make the rest of the day for me miserable

fubar5 03-28-01 07:46 AM

I've lost my wallet a cuople times. But luckily there has never been money in it(spend it all on bike gear). But next time I ride, I think I'm gonna follow Joe, and pick-up the goodies he loses. HA HA!!!!

orguasch 03-29-01 05:19 AM

Ba-Dg-Er, way to go buddy, Now I think I am a sore loser

toolfreak 03-29-01 09:17 AM

1 minipump
1 tube
1 set of hextools
1 tuberepair kit
about 7 euro (15 hfl)
1 backlight
1 waterbottle
several batteries for wm, md, lights enz...

I keep things now in my short pants, thats a lot saffer instead of a saddlebag.

MichaelW 03-29-01 10:20 AM

A rack/fender bolt
Pedal end cap

A towel
shower-gel (OK they didnt drop off the bike, but I left them at various hostels. Natures way of telling you that your packing too much gear)

aerobat 03-29-01 10:43 AM

Would you believe the QR skewer on my front wheel? I guess I misaligned it, and it wasn't seated correctly in the fork when I reinstalled the wheel before starting the ride. Fortunately I noticed it before I got too far into the trail, and actually found the skewer, but not the anchor nut by backtracking. I was able to very gingerly (read no bunny hops) ride back on the trail, fortunately it wasn't too rough.

RainmanP 03-29-01 11:04 AM

I saw this post yesterday morning (3/28), but did not have time to post a reply. I could not believe the ironic timeliness. On the way in yesterday in the rain, I hit a wet metal streetcar track. Tire didn't fall in the track groove, just slid sideways, giving me a minor tumble. Luckily, I was going very slowly at the time, so no damage done to bike or rider.
HOWEVER, about 1/2 hour after I got to work, I realized that my watch was missing. When I get home at night, I hang my (luckily inexpensive) Timex digital on the handlebars. Once before, I had forgotten to put it on, but just slid it up where it would be secure. Same thing for the second time yesterday, but not secure enough for a spill apparently. Even though my tumble occurred only a couple of blocks away, I didn't even bother to go look for it. Figured that by that time either someone had found it or a bus had run over it. Not worth getting out in the rain again.
Hmmm. How's that for logic? 9 mile ride in the rain - no problem. 2 block walk to look for watch- forget it.
Oh, I also lost a $22 Vistalite blinky a couple of months ago, which is why I now by cheap 5-led Performance or Nashbar blinkies (whoever has them on sale - they are identical). I have three so far and I always wonder if that is enough to be seen. Sometimes apparently it is not.

UncaStuart 03-29-01 01:02 PM

Hitting a pothole, I almost lost my wedding band. It was a combination of sweating enough to make the skin on my finger slick, but not so hot a day that my fingers had swollen. My hands were on the hoods on a road bike, so my ring finger was not gripped around anything; happily it was bent, though, and when I hit the pothole the ring slipped over the knuckle but was left dangling at the fingertip. "What *are* you doing up there?" asked my wife (this being our tandem) as I tried to slip it back on, leaving the bike to wiggle all over the place.

Happily the only other I thing I have lost (to my knowledge) is a water bottle. It was a very hot day; I had put one of the water bottles in the freezer so that by the time I used my first bottle, this one would have melted enough to be drinkable and cool. When I reached down to get it, it wasn't in the cage. I decided, upon reflection, that it had probably bounced out when I had crossed some train tracks, and its frozen nature made it less able to absorb the shock, and so it popped out without hitting my legs or any part of the bike.

aerobat 03-29-01 02:47 PM

Well at least you were with your wife when you almost lost your wedding ring! You'd have some explaining to do otherwise.:D

UncaStuart 03-30-01 09:11 AM

True, it might have had a significant negative impact on my ability to take long "solo rides in the mountains"!

mike 03-31-01 09:28 PM

I lost my wallet and a car once.

That's right - a car:

I was biking around doing some shopping the night before leaving for a big international business trip.

When I got home, my wallet was missing. It had obviously fallen out of my pocket.

With only a few hours left before my flight and in a panic, I hopped in my CAR to re-trace the route I had taken on my bicycle. I SHOULD HAVE taken my bike. Ah well...

Anyway, at a busy intersection, the brakes of my car gave out and I cruised right into traffic. SMASH, CRASH, BOOM! It totalled my car (and the other was a loss too, I believe).

Nobody was injured, thank God, but a car is a pretty expensive thing to lose.

From that point, I have been even more dedicated that ever to riding bicycles and have had a strong distaste for motor vehicle transportation.

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