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aerobat 03-27-01 11:19 PM

This is a repeat of an earlier thread, but I couldn't find it before the great crash of '01.
I'm always interested in seeing the locations of the various users. Just a general area such as city and province/state, or even just the region of the country you're from. I think it's great how many countries are represented here, so go to you're profiles and fill in that location! I'm not a stalker, honest, but just interested. By the way there seems to be lots of new people on the forum now. WELCOME ALL!

orguasch 03-28-01 05:41 AM

I am from Toronto, Canada

TriBob 03-28-01 08:13 AM

Philly, PA, USA - Philadelphia for our friends around the world

Biking ZED 03-28-01 10:24 AM

I am from Smoky mountain area, Tennessee. Hiya

Joe Pozer 03-28-01 10:37 AM

Hello...I'm from the San Francisco area.

LittleBigMan 03-28-01 10:51 AM

Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A (Stone Mountain, GA, to be exact).

MikeC 03-28-01 11:06 AM

Burlington County, NJ.
48, road rider, married w/children and significant job stress.

RainmanP 03-28-01 11:42 AM

I work in New Orleans and live in the adjacent suburb of Metairie, or more correctly, unincorporated Jefferson Parish (like everyone else's counties).

Now, in case you should visit, let me try to give you a pronunciation guide.

New Orleans is NOT pronounced N'awlins as is it often depicted to non-residents. It's a little more complicated. The New is pronounced kind of like Noo, but short and does kind of run into the second word. Now the difficult part is trying to describe the pronunciation of the first syllable of Orleans. It is somewhere between a long O and awe, and there is kind of a rising inflection. Interestingly, the same O/awe sound is found in words like John and darling, and John can become a two-syllable word as in:
"Jo-awn, wheah y'at, doawlin'?" To which, of course, the appropriate reply is, in the vernacular of our contemporaries: "Awriiight!"

If you are ever headed this way, by all means give me a call. It is much easier to demonstrate such pronunciations than to try to describe them. Just please, don't say N'awlins. Somebody might knock you right off the neutral ground when you are on your way to make groceries! But vocabulary is a whole other story. :-)

fubar5 03-28-01 02:13 PM

Well, right now I live in Sumter South Carolina, on Shaw AFB. The best part is that there is a great trail only 18 miles away!! But, my dad is in the Air Force, and in the Air Force an officer is moved every 3 yrs. My dad has been on station for 2 years so he'll be getting orders in the Fall/Winter time frame, and off we'll be, to who knows where!!! Maybe, just maybe Utah.

Joe Pozer 03-28-01 02:38 PM


I lived in the Atlanta area for four years. In fact, I use to ride at Yellow River all the time. I would head up to Northern Georgia all the time to do some Mt. biking. Bull Mountain, Bear Creek, and Helen were some of my favorites.


Chris L 03-28-01 03:33 PM

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


A F Baker 03-28-01 07:39 PM

I live in Georgetown Kentucky, which is just a few miles north of Lexington. My weekend rides take me through some of the most beautiful horse farms in the world.

LittleBigMan 03-28-01 09:55 PM

A.F. Baker,

Horse farms? Ooooooooo. That is so so great....


Biking ZED 03-28-01 11:06 PM

Yeah we have some horse farms here in Tennessee, but mostly i bike around the smokie foothills, its killer nothing like it in my mind.

toolfreak 03-29-01 08:51 AM

Alkmaar, The Netherlands (Yes its flat and no hills at al!)

Buddy Hayden 03-30-01 04:23 PM

Hi all, I'm situated in Melbourne , Australia, I live in the eastern area right below Mt.Dandenong(2800ft)I can either go road through the ranges or mtb on miles and miles of fireroad/singletrack..When I pull open the curtains in the morning, man , there it is, waiting for me..............

Hunter 03-30-01 07:08 PM

Central west Texas.......Howdy Y' ALL! :p

pat5319 03-31-01 01:41 PM

I'm in Spokane Washington, near the Idaho border. Very good riding here lot's of variety in terrian etc. (We've had 2 Olympic trials and several national championships)
Check the sites below for a look! I've been rideing here well over 20 yrs and am still exploring.

Jean Beetham Smith 03-31-01 09:38 PM

Suburbs south of Boston, MA, USA

biztyke 04-01-01 02:18 AM

new to the board...and im in vancouver, BC, canada....damn i love the trails here!

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