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RonH 09-14-05 08:36 AM

The speed pickup on my front fork on my commuter has been driving me nuts for the past two weeks. I hear "click" with every revolution of the front wheel. The magnet isn't hitting the pickup. Is there a way to stop this other than buying a new cyclocomputer?

The cyclocomputer is almost 4 years old (Vetta RT77). I have the same cyclocomputer (almost 5 years old) on my road bike and it doesn't make any "click" sounds.

Retro Grouch 09-14-05 03:33 PM

If the magnet isn't hitting something I can't imagine what the source of the sound could be. Generally, bike computer pickups have a little reed switch inside of them that you can barely hear if you spin the wheel while the bike is on the tuneing stand. I wouldn't think that would be nearly loud enough to drive you "nuts".

DieselDan 09-14-05 07:58 PM

Damn good hearing if you can even hear that little switch, let alone have it annoy you. I've had rental customers complain about hearing the tires adhere to the asphault.

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