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ruger9 09-14-05 09:14 AM

Central Bucks PA Covered Bridges Ride?
I definitely want to ride this one this year. Probably doing the 33-miler, BECAUSE my wife (who isn't a "serious recreationalist") might do it also. Which brings me to my question: how bad are the climbs in this thing? I've looked at the climbing profile, but can't really discern what would be considered "serious climbs" versus "anybody with a granny can do it" climbs.

I live in a mountainous area, but my wife doesn't ride alot- she's got an MTB with a granny, and climbs the smaller hills around here (maybe 100-200ft max), albeit very slowly. Just wondering if I should counsel her "for" or "against" riding- the last time I tried to encourage her ("you can do it!"), she had a HORRIBLE day. Even 1 major climb and she's "done", unfortunately.

Any help/advice appreciated!

cc_rider 09-14-05 10:51 AM

Already a busy thread on this ride in the Road Forum.
One of the BC locals should be able to help you.

ruger9 09-14-05 04:04 PM

Thanks much!

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