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fatbat 09-15-05 11:33 AM

Alternative battery packs for Niterider HID?
I've got a niterider storm light with a battery that's starting to give up the ghost after a couple of years of hard use. Has anyone had success using alternative batteries, such as the Li-ion packs available, with niterider lights?


wasabiboys 09-15-05 03:11 PM

Actually I would try Ebay I sold my old Niterider on there and it was a pleasant sale

taylor8 09-15-05 10:53 PM

YOu can replace the batties in the battery pack. Check this out.

I am doing mine this week end. Mine is an old NiteRider Digital. all it has in it are the batteries listed in the artical.

I am going to use heat shrink insted of tape in mine.

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