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Portis 09-16-05 05:53 PM

Clipless Cleat Mounts
I just received a pair of Shimano MTB shoes that i bought off ebay. They are used. I only have one other pair of clipless shoes. On that pair the part that the cleat screws into (inside shoe) was secured in place by some sort of "under" insole so that it was fixed in place when i screwed the cleats into place.

The used shoes that i got today, had the "mounts" loose in a baggie. I had to stick them on the inside of the shoe and then screw the cleat into the sole from the outside. Is this normal? There is no barrier except for the removable insole to keep water, mud, etc out of the shoe.

I know i can just use a piece of tape or something but wonder if this is normal.

roadfix 09-16-05 06:11 PM

That's normal. My brand new Shimanos are like that also.

Retro Grouch 09-17-05 08:17 AM

Yup, that's the way that it's commonly done and I wouldn't even bother with the tape.

samp02 09-18-05 06:17 PM


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