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jkdeemer 09-17-05 12:37 PM

Bar end?
I'm currently up-grading my cycle-cross bike. The bike shop I go to it suggesting I use bar end shifters. Good or bad choice???

SteveE 09-17-05 05:05 PM

I use bar-end shifters on my commuter which is a 'cross bike. With respect to whether or not it's good for cyclo-cross, maybe you should post your question in the cyclocross sub-forum. (Note: I don't race cyclocross.)

jfmckenna 09-18-05 05:16 PM

I race cross with a bar end set up. It works for me. I like it because it is far less complicated and a lot tougher than sti imho. I run them in friction mode so even when your in a lot of mud you can sort of force shifting and over correct. sti is dependant on the click ratios. They are also a lot lighter too which is pretty important in cross.

FarHorizon 09-18-05 06:52 PM

I love mine - I use old Suntour BarCon friction shifters on my utility bike with the moustache bars. Work great!

MadScientist 09-21-05 08:04 AM

I use bar end shifters dura ace. I wouldn't use anything else. I changed over my own on my road bike saved some money. You can order them throught nashbar or performance or colorado cyclist catalogs. They are so convienent to use and cost only around $50.00 plus cables and new tape.

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