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Sunglasses that don't fog..

Old 08-30-02, 12:35 AM
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Sunglasses that don't fog..

Our rainy season will be here in a couple months.. I always wear eye protection to keep out foreign objects.. My glasses do not work well when it is humid out or wet.. I see the advertisments of certain sunglasses with vents that equalize temperatues (I guess) and so maybe prevents fogging.
Some time fogging gets so bad, I can't see during wet conditions.. Seems like the vented glasses are either Rudy or Oakley's..? Do they not fog up.? Are you happy with these fairly expensive glasses... Guess, you have to have expensive glasses that don't fog, if you care to both protect your eyes and see where you are going.. I use glasses that have prescreption inserts. Maybe these particular glasses don't have corrective inserts??
Or another solution. Can something be done to wrap around eye wear to keep the unvented lenses from fogging? Like defog or something?

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Old 08-30-02, 01:42 AM
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I have Rudy Project Kerosenes and the fog control works pretty well... unless you're moving really slow. If I'm below 10MPH (like on a steep hillclimb) then they seem to start fogging. Also, I have Rx inserts and with them installed, the glasses will fog easier partly because they're closer to my face and because there's less airflow to clear them, even with the vents open. Most of the time, I wear contacts for road riding so this hasn't been too much a problem. It's only when riding offroad in wet and humid weather that things get ugly.
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Old 08-30-02, 06:24 AM
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Do what divers and snorkelers do. Spit some saliva onto the inside of the lenses and rub it around good. If you find that too gross, they make anit- fog solutions for masks. It should work the same for glasses.
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Old 08-30-02, 07:51 AM
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Agree with JDP.
Go to a Dive shop and get a bottle of Sea Gold gel
(Not the drops), we call it sea snot due to its consistancy.
work it onto glass, then rinse.
after a few applications it seems to leave some residue
on the mask as I don't need to reapply on every dive.

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I have tried many anti-fog solutions on my wrap aroounds that have Rx inserts. None work. Maybe that diver mask stuff, never tried that.

The best is dish soap. Just a very small amount on your finger, not much, and wipe on both sides of the lens. You have to leave a film of it over the lens. It does distort your view somewhat, but not much, if you use a tiny bit.

It prevents the condensation from forming on the lens. The only problem is that it comes off easy, so you might have to reapply every ride.

I carry a smalll eyedropper full of the stuf, last months.
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Old 08-30-02, 05:59 PM
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Another thing you can try is to rub bar soap on the lens, and then polish it with a cloth. Again it leaves a thin layer on the lenses, but needs to be reapplyed frequently.

I was just talking to a dive shop here and they have a product called Sea Drops for dive masks. I havn't tried it but I'm going to pick some up as I run into the problem of fogging, too.
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I heard Mr.sheen furniture polish works too ..???
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