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shoerhino 09-18-05 09:51 PM

I've noticed that some people fold the elastic leg grippers on their cycling shorts up, typically exposing the brand name of the short that was sew into the material. Why would someone do that? Does it help avoid those unsightly tan lines on your legs?

Not exactly an important question; just curious.

shoerhino 09-18-05 09:52 PM

Sorry for the typo in the thread name .. I know how to spell elastic, although I can't say that I type it much.

catatonic 09-18-05 10:46 PM

Maybe they find those bands uncomfortable. Could be the stitching digs into them or something.

Wind 'N Snow 09-18-05 11:16 PM

Some other thread way back talked about latex or other elastic allergies/rashes. Or they are just poseurs.

Or their momma dresses them.

va_cyclist 09-19-05 08:21 AM

I'll do this once in a while, but not while on the bike, only after riding. Since I don't shave, the grippy material pulling on my leg hairs is a little irritating. Turning up the cuffs turns out the grippy stuff. It's also cooler (as in temp, not poseur).

primaryreality 09-19-05 08:27 AM

I fold mine up--only inward--twice, because 1) I don't like the feel of the elastic against my skin and 2) I like the shorts to be a little bit shorter than they are.

filtersweep 09-19-05 08:58 AM

Some folks like the "hot pants" look.

Personally, I don't get it...

As You Like It 09-19-05 09:12 AM

I know some people who fold the waistband of their shorts over a couple of times because the shorts ride too high for comfort otherwise.

I can totally understand the unintentional leg-wax angle, though. I have some "hold-ups" stockings that have that sticky gripper elastic, and it definitely clings to anything. Makes you sweat like a carthorse, too.

TrekDen 09-19-05 09:40 AM

I have one set of Voler bibs that I do this with. They are just a bit too long, and the flip makes them fit the way I like them. A criterium I watched this weekend, a few of the riders had power gels tucked in the same place. It was 3/4 mile in length with 4 turns, so I guess they just wanted to stay focused forward.

sweetharriet 09-19-05 10:35 AM

of the shorts i own, the ones with the best chamois have the tightest leg elastic. after 30 miles, my thighs look like odd sausages (despite all that muscle...they're tight!), and after the ride is done, i flip the elastic up in relief. they leave little elastic lines. it sucks. but i wouldn't ride in the sexy short shorts for more than 30 miles, thanks to some lame-0 fleece thing they somehow got passed as a chamois. padding, apparently, optional. when i can throw another $70 at some good shorts i will. till then...flippy flippy.

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