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531Aussie 09-20-05 11:59 AM

ooops...double post :o :(

In case you haven't heard, I was lucky enough the be awarded the $15,000 cash prize prize for the jersey which best captured the essence of the quintessential Bike Forums member

This was my successful entry, as voted by Coffee Brown, Lo-tech, Joe Garner and Mailstorm

Guest 09-20-05 05:25 PM

Classic! We also have matching white spandex shorts to go with.


Alright, you all can go to the other thread created. Thread closed.



hi565 09-20-05 06:19 PM

closed eh? :D

hubs 09-20-05 06:26 PM


Guest 09-20-05 07:24 PM

Crappers. It's closed now.


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