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J. Wheelock 09-22-05 11:43 AM

Jamis Coda Sport vs. Giant OCR 2
I own a Giant OCR 2. I believe I purchased it in 2001 but I'm not sure of the model year of the bike. I can tell you that it is red and black with a selle Italia gel seat. It may be an 00, 01 or 02. Can anyone set me straight on this? I've actually only had it out a few times (it's really brand new) and am now considering trading it in for a Jamis Coda Sport, which I just came across featured in Men's Health magazine. I'm more used to mountain and hybrid bikes, don't do long distance biking and thought that the flat handlebars would be more up my alley. Would appreciate more experienced bikers' advise on this before I go ahead and make the switch. Thanks. J. Wheelock

HiYoSilver 09-22-05 12:11 PM

Huhh, what's the gain?

Mtn bike handlebars: 2 positions for hands- on bar, on extenders if you have them
Road handlebars: 3 positions for hands: 1. on bar, identical to mtn bike, 2. on hoods, about 1/2 inch lower, and 3. in drops, racing position which is primarily used for downhills.

You can find the model year by going to archive

Your only gain would be if you started biking up and down mountains.

It doesn't sound like your Giant is fitted properly for you. Get it refitted so you can ride it upright like a mtn bike.

tulip 09-22-05 12:16 PM

Why trade when you can ADD?

J. Wheelock 09-23-05 05:18 AM

You're right. A friend informed me of the same simple logic yesterday. Found out the year also - it's an 01. Gonna keep it for all those reasons plus it's a lot lighter. Thanks.

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