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Subw00er 09-23-05 08:06 AM

Tire selection help needed. Size:700x28C
What is a good tire for a 700x28C rim? Heres what I'm looking for:

-Not too heavy
-A thin bead on the center so on road there is minimal rolling resistance on road (Primary riding surface)
-Some sort of knobbires so I'm not terrified going on packed dirt/grass occassionally.

I used to have mountain bike tires that were like this, but havent been able to find ones that will fit a hybrid type bike. So far All I've seen is specialzed's Nimbus armadillo (new tread design for 2006, not old version), and it looks like it might work.. What about cyclocross tires?! Thanks!

shel 09-25-05 01:30 PM

There might not be enough knobbies for you, but I recently put Continental Contact tires on my hybrid (700x28) and I like them so far. They're pretty fast but there is some tread there as well.

Retro Grouch 09-25-05 02:57 PM

I wouldn't bet on smallish knobbies on the sides doing much unless you're raceing in the mud.

toomanybikes 09-25-05 05:05 PM

The Vredestein Campo Cross in 700 x 28 is a wonderful tire.

Small knobs and can run at high pressure - I use them for my commute, great tires and never had a flat with them.

Nachoman 09-25-05 05:36 PM

If you like the Continental Ultra 3000s, they're on salre right now at Nashbar for $12.95.

TimeZer0 09-25-05 10:15 PM

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will 700CX30mm work? I run Bontrager Jones CX cyclocross tires. They've got low profile knobbies, they're ultra light, roll really fast on pavement and are great on hard pack, grass, and even some loose dirt.

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