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purple hayes 09-23-05 06:00 PM

How to move 5 bikes
We're moving to a different house about 5 miles down the road from where we're living now. If time weren't at a premium, I'd just ride them over to the new house one-by-one.

We're renting a U-Haul, but what's the best way to get 5 bikes in there without them getting scratched up?

genec 09-23-05 06:17 PM

5 riders.

roadfix 09-23-05 06:20 PM

How are you moving your furniture without getting them scratched up...????

Kinger 09-23-05 06:22 PM

two words. Old Blankets. Seriously, some uhaul rental agencies have old blankets or blanket size pads that you can get, pad them between the bikes.

Bikepacker67 09-23-05 06:35 PM

5 bikes X 5 miles = 25 miles

C'mon ya wimp! :D

purple hayes 09-23-05 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by Bikepacker67
5 bikes X 5 miles = 25 miles

C'mon ya wimp! :D

I don't have enough time to do it that way. I'd love to do it, but I'll be busy moving boxes instead. :(

Boudicca 09-24-05 07:05 AM

Borrow five friends and promise them a beer if they will ride the bikes over to the new place. And then when they arrive you can ask them to haul some of the boxes out of the u-haul too.

And then you offer them two beers.

Retro Grouch 09-24-05 10:49 AM

Get a bigger truck. Seriously

I sometimes think that the shorter the distance you move, the more complicated it gets. If you were moving across country, you'd get a truck that was big enough and move everything in one load. When you're only moving 5 miles, you tend to cheap out on the size of the U-haul and make several trips. I once helped a friend move across the parking lot. We made a gazillion trips.

Yukky 09-24-05 03:01 PM

Find one good friend with a tandem and have him/her ride 45 miles with you :)

Machka 09-24-05 03:40 PM

1. Moving 5 bicycles 25 miles would take you a couple of hours ... not that long!

2. I moved 6 bicycles 1000 miles last September ... one was boxed ready for a trip to Australia, the other 5 went in the back of a truck. Easy.

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