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solution_63 09-24-05 08:20 PM

More lights questions!
Hi everyone, Iím a long-time lurker and first-time poster with some questions about lighting. My commute is about 40km / 1.5hr round trip, mostly on cycle paths but itís starting to get pretty dark now on my way home. Soon, I guess itís going to be pitch black on those paths so I need some bright lights. However, the problem is that I live in Japan, and the only lights available (I think) are the Cateye Triple Shot or Topeak lights.

So, what do you recommend:
Cateye Triple Shot (roughly $220, converted to US dollars)
Topeak Moonshine Commuter (LBS about $150)
Topeak Moonshine 3H (online about $210)

Does anyone have any experience with these lights? Which do you think is the best for my needs?


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