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burlyjim 09-25-05 10:44 AM

Roller help
Hi Everyone,
Just signed up to this great resource.
I scored a free roller a while back and want to start using it as part of a fitness program over the winter.
But I've never use one before and really unsure of the best set up and use.
Its a Minoura trainer (couldn't find a model number), runs real smooth, and seemingly in good condition.
I tried it, just to get a feel of it with my second bike (cheapo ATB). I will be swapping out the 26x1.95 ridged tires for smooth this week, but even so I was surprised at how difficult and how different the whole experience was to just cycling on the road!!!
I couldn't get a smooth enough pedalling cycle to build up any sort of decent momentum to keep the bike upright, and even with holding on to a beam overhead I realised just how much I really on forward pedal pressure only, even with clips - the cadence was extremely choppy!
Apart from my naivety and experience on the physicality of getting the bike to stay up, I'm also unsure of the actual position on the roller of the front wheel. Should it be right on top of the front roller or slightly behind, or slightly in front - I only have three settings on the Minoura all of them pretty close, so I'm not sure in practice just how much the wheel position will change - but what is the best practice?

Thanks for any help!!


watchman 09-25-05 01:47 PM

Your front roller will be sligtly in front of the front wheel, essentilly the wheel axel will be a tad behind the center line of the roller. One useful bit of advise that you don't want to learn the hard way, once you get riding on the rollers, DO NOT hit your brakes to slow down or stop unless you want to surf the carpet.

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