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Subw00er 09-25-05 03:03 PM

ergon Mr1 or Mr2 grips
Does anyone have these grips yet? Are the MR2 out yet? Their website says this month is the release date, but havent been able to find them at my LBS or online.

I was toying with the idea of getting the basic MP1 and then getting the cane creek bar ends if the MR2 wont be out for a while. It may look funny but I bet its comfortable!:

I'm not sure if this will work though - how would they attach - just move the grip in more so the bar end has something to bite onto? My bike is a Specialized Sirrus.

urban_assault 09-25-05 07:40 PM

I've used the ergon grips for about 3 months now. I had problems with numb hands so I got them from REI. Right from the start they felt comfortable but I still get numb hands no matter which way I adjust them. Yes, I adjust my position often, have tried Specialized BG gloves and the like. Still no help.

It doesn't happen on my road I'll keep trying to find a good position on the MTB.

They are worth a shot, they really do feel great on my hands.

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