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Olebiker 09-26-05 01:21 PM

Random thought on Wolfpen Gap
Well, I did Three Gap yesterday. That is the fifty mile version of the Six Gap Century. Man, I am sore as boil. I've been riding a lot and have been able to handle all of the climbs around here very well. Nothing around here could prepare me for Neel's Gap and Wolfpen Gap, though. Woody Gap, the last of the three, was only about two miles long so it wasn't bad and the resulting 8 miles or so of downhill right after it made it all worth it.

I was riding with a young lady and I mentioned to her that, as long as I kept my heart rate at no more than abut 160, I could keep from going anerobic. She was riding in similar gears and at the same pace as I was. Her heartrate was at 180. Interesting stuff.

Something came to mind, probably as a result of oxygen deprivation, while climbing Wolfpen Gap:

I am 54 years old. If my heart gave out right here and I collapsed in a heap, would I be too old to be considered to have died young?

Kayakado 09-27-05 08:05 AM

I ate at a restaurant last night which considered those 52 and older to be senior and worthy of the senior citizen discount. At 50, don't you qualify for AARP membership? They'd probably not say you died young, but it offers an amusing topic for thought. My 75 year old mother hates it when newscasters portray her age group as old and unable to care for themselves. She could whip their butts off or on the bike and she's not riding one of those 3-wheeler with the basket on the back!

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