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Cable43 09-26-05 08:13 PM

Native Eye Ware - what do you know
I have a pair of natives [Silencers in Cobalt]

i was wondering if anyones else had them and how they have held up?

Mtn Mike 09-26-05 11:18 PM

I have a pair that have held up well for 3 years, but now need replacing. The rubber nose piece is torn, and lenses are scratched.

zaphodbeeblebro 09-27-05 09:28 AM

had them, they broke, $25 gets you a new pair. great warranty incredible lense clarity. The glasses broke because they were in my jersey pocket and i sat down...essentially snapping them in half, I called native, they said, no questions asked, send in the old ones plus a check and get brand new

Cable43 09-27-05 02:08 PM

they do seem to be pretty cool there.
there HQ is about 20 min from me

thnx for the feedback

Seanholio 09-27-05 04:39 PM

I have a pair and I love them. The lenses are getting scratched up, but that can be fixed easily.

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