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JohnZ 09-27-05 09:00 PM

Ever followed random group ride route arrows that you just happen upon?

I just realized that here in Atlanta, riding clubs mark their routes with painted arrows on the road. I'm starting to see them all over the place, and I'm having so much fun following random routes as they lead through parts of town I've never seen. It's like a treasure hunt! Has anyone ever done this? Am I crazy? :p

JeniCincinnati 09-27-05 09:12 PM

Yes! My friend and I ride this one 50 mile route quite a bit. Recently we noticed there were dollar signs with arrows next to them on part of the route. We called it the Money Ride but there's no pot of gold at the end. Upon further investigation, it's part of a new route that Cincinnati Cycle Club rides.

gudel 09-28-05 12:06 AM

I would like to see some chalk marking on where the nail, sharp objects, and goatheads congregate :)

DannoXYZ 09-28-05 12:23 AM


gudel 09-28-05 01:43 AM

spikey stuff that sticks to your tires. stay away from maria ygnacio trail between calle real and holister. more info here

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