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Chris L 04-01-01 04:59 PM

OK folks, I'll admit it, I am fanatical about hills. When I get a spare moment I get up and go specially looking for them. Am I the only one here with that problem or what?


LittleBigMan 04-01-01 07:23 PM


What planet are you from? Krypton?

Seriously, I used to take hills like the other things life handed me I wasn't sure about: I went over them. But now, hills have made me a "bikin' man!" (Do a little dance...)

I'm not sure, was it Eddie Merckx who said, "Don't ride upgrades, ride up grades"?

But I don't have to look for hills, they find me!


cruiser 04-02-01 03:03 PM

The best thing about hills is once you get to the top you can go down the hill. Thats the best part

dan_k 04-02-01 10:24 PM


Originally posted by cruiser
The best thing about hills is once you get to the top you can go down the hill. Thats the best part
Those were my thoughts exactly!! I love being able to rip down a hill that I just worked my butt off to get up!


Chris L 04-03-01 02:37 AM

I must be from a different planet. Personally, I see going down as a pain in the butt that you have to put up with for the pleasure of riding up.

I am not joking!


MichaelW 04-03-01 04:48 AM

Those travel journalists who don't cycle describe flat country as "ideal for cycling", but every summer, UK cyclists head for the Alpes or the Pyrenees to get some serious elevation under their tyres. No, real cyclists just love climbing.

MadCat 04-03-01 11:57 AM

I like climbing hills in the winter because it gets my body pumping to keep me toasty.

Rich 04-06-01 05:11 AM

>I must be from a different planet. Personally, I see >going down as a pain in the butt that you have to put >up with for the pleasure of riding up.

>I am not joking!



I totally know where you're coming from Chris...I love riding up hills...maybe we could start a sadistic club or something!?!


fubar5 04-06-01 05:44 AM

Well Chris, taking this thread as inspiration, I went looking for the biggest hill I could find and started climbing, and gosh darnit, it was the best ride I've had in months!!

RainmanP 04-06-01 07:33 AM

Actually, Rich, that would make you and Chris masochists. Sadists would be Pete, Dan, Mike and the rest of us standing on the side of the road getting thrills from your pain. :)

My daily commute is flat. I wish I had some hills just for a little variety.

pat5319 04-06-01 12:31 PM

I used to look for hills before I got; old, bad knees, asthmatic and fat.
but sometimes.....

aerobat 04-07-01 09:55 AM

I don't have hills here, but lots of wind, which is like an endless hill.

Chris L 04-15-01 04:00 PM

Yeah, wind is good too. I like riding in to a monster of a headwind and yelling out: "Is that the best you can give me!!!".

I actually did participate in a masochistic ride once. It was called the "ten hills of Brisbane" ride. There was nothing under 20% there. Alas, they don't have that ride anymore :cry:


riderx 04-16-01 07:32 AM

I love hills. Especially on the Single Speed MTB and the Fixed road bike. It's what makes me stronger a lot faster. When I finally get around to riding the geared bike (not much these days), it's like I've gotten stronger by leaps and bounds.

toolfreak 04-16-01 12:38 PM

Just like Aerobat, there are no hills around here.
But we`ve got dikes and a huge amount of wind (you know dikes?, it`s a typical dutch phenomenon!)
When i bicycle to school and the wind is blowing with at least 6BF in my face, i got more and more determined to pedal harder and harder!
But i think hills are more fun, cause wind makes me sometimes very :irritated

Mark b.

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