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Daily Commute 10-02-05 07:13 AM

Columbus is decent, but it has work to do. The biggest problems are a large number of barrier intersections, mostly over/under freeways and rivers.

Columbus could get worse in the next few years. Instead of addressing the barrier intersections (of which the city has made a really neat map), the city is thinking about putting in a network of bike lanes on 25 mph downtown streets, which would would make the downtown cyclist-unfriendly.

slagjumper 10-02-05 09:34 PM

Pittsburgh has some hills. There is realatively little car traffic so that helps. Check out this link. The best bikin' city that I have lived in was Madison WI. Trouble there is that it stays below 0 for months.

Here is an example of how cool of a cycling city Madison really is-- they lend city employees bikes to use as an alternative to the motorpool!

staple 10-03-05 06:31 PM

The Twin Cities, especially Minneapolis, are quite bike friendly, I think. Lots of bicycle-specific infrastructure (designed with both recreational cyclists and commuters in mind). Drivers are generally cooperative (especially in the inner cities) with bicyclists on the streets. All public buses and trains have bike racks, and there's a large, active cycling community. And Minneapolis just got a big piece of transportation pork from the feds to improve and expand bicycle infrastructure.

As in Madison, however, year-round cycling is out unless you're very hardy. A surprisingly large number of people do it, but I'm far too wimpy to be among them. I don't venture out on two wheels during December, January, or February.

Cost of living is a lot higher than it used to be, especially housing. Still, it's a bargain compared to California or most of the Northeast.

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