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wheelhot 09-29-05 12:58 AM

Cycling Club
Hey im thinking of starting a cycling club at my school, members and payment is not a problem but my problem is how to make members bring their bicycle to school? A lot of my friends live nearby my area but our school is like 10km+ so its like impossible to cycle to school and most parents will disagree so now im thinking of how to find a transport for them? Pls give me ur ideas

Machka 09-29-05 01:25 AM

1. Since when is 10 kms impossible to cycle?

2. Have you given the matter of insurance a thought? Unfortunately in today's world, if you want to create something official, like a club, you've got to be insured, and you've got to ensure that all your members are insured ... just in case.

wheelhot 09-29-05 01:32 AM

im not meaning that 10km is impossible its just that in Malaysia there are no bicycle lanes and if u want ppl to cycle to their school just to go for a cycling activity then i belive no one will join.

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