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cupsal 09-29-05 11:04 AM

Moustache handlebar adjustment.
I am working on building up a Kogswell P54 Cycle. I am having a hard time getting the moustache bars adjusted so that they are comfortable. I cut the threadless fork long at 10 cm. And I am using a sort reach stem (90 mm). I have moved the stem up and down the fork; however I cannot find a position that is comfortable. I feel as if there is too much weight on my hands; after a ride my wrist, lowerback and neck is uncomfortable.

Any help will be appreciated.


Blackberry 09-29-05 12:44 PM

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Just wondering--do you have the bars set so that ends lower than the top of the stem? See attached foto for proper setup in this regard.

FarHorizon 09-29-05 02:04 PM

How's the distance from your saddle tip to bars? Although I'll be flamed for suggesting it, I find that I'm comfortable when my saddle tip to bar distance is the length from my elbow to fingertips.

roadfix 09-29-05 02:18 PM

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Even with my 60mm reach stem I sometimes felt a bit stretched out....

cupsal 09-30-05 03:12 PM


Nightshade 09-30-05 04:20 PM

While some of the purist may cry foul consider an
"adjustable stem" . The "Look" stem or a cheaper
"kalloy" stem offers a wide range of positions to
choose from. I like the "kalloy" so much that
they are on all my bikes.

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