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Saphilipps 09-07-02 07:28 AM

I Need help with my Tires... not sure of the sizes but ill describe it to the best of my knolage...

ok i have a 2002 Giant Iguana...i hate the tires tthey wear extremly also not very happy with the heavy rims...what i want to do is get the wider tires...ive seen them on my friends bike...they are wider then the ones on my bike by a bit..looks better and it seems more stable when i ride do i convert over to these?!?!

KleinMp99 09-07-02 08:46 AM

First you buy the new tires......and simply take your tires off and install the new ones.....nothing else has to be replaced.

aerobat 09-07-02 08:50 AM

When you remount the tires, be sure you check for directional arrows. On some tires it is opposite for front and back.

Another thing to check for is sizing (width). There may be a difference in size from front to back, depending on what conditions you're planning to ride in.

BTW, nice bike!:D

Saphilipps 09-07-02 08:54 AM

hey thanks for the help and the complaments :)

so i dont have to do anything t accomidate the larger tires i just checked i have 26x2.00 hutchson mosqueto tires ...i need something wider any suggestions?

KleinMp99 09-07-02 09:06 AM

Um yea.....2.0's are pizza cutters. Get atleast 2.3 or wider....I have a nokian 2.3 on the rear and a tioga 2.5 on the front. There are so many tire companys.....just choose one and buy.

Saphilipps 09-07-02 09:13 AM

i was thinking of going 2.70 front and rear...i need the surface aera when i ride over roots, and threw narrow steep dirt trails...i was thinking of going for the Maxxis Minion DH F,R

will a 2.70 tire fit??!! and what are the advantages and disadvantages

Saphilipps 09-07-02 09:14 AM

also what does Durometer mean.?

KleinMp99 09-07-02 09:19 AM

I doubt that a 2.7 will fit in the probably wont fit in the fork either....durometer is the softness/hardness of the tire. It would be safe to get 2.3's front and rear.

Saphilipps 09-07-02 09:42 AM

here i snapped some pic so you guys could maby guess or somthin those are 26x2.00's on there now

theres more room than it looks like on the back

KleinMp99 09-07-02 10:07 AM

2.3's are the tire for you.

Saphilipps 09-07-02 11:00 AM

im going for these

Maelstrom 09-07-02 11:21 AM

They may be too big. But they are good tires. Enjoy :)

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