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Richard D 09-07-02 11:43 AM

I have a trailer!

I've finally been and bought a cargo trailer. I've only towed it empty so far - first load will be tomorrow, so I'll report then.

It's a Mission trailer (probably rebadged cheap Taiwanese trailer).

First impressions are that it's fairly well designed, cheaply built, but hopefully adequate. It tows well empty, but we'll see...

Work is keeping me away from the web at the moment, but more soon.


aerobat 09-07-02 06:16 PM

Be sure to take some pictures!

Pete Clark 09-07-02 06:32 PM

Ya, and tell us what you haul in it!

Richard D 09-08-02 10:57 AM

First loaded trip this morning - a supermarket run.

Fairly heavy load and near full - a weeks supply of catfood (five cats), cartons of juice, wine, beer etc. as well as general groceries - not up to the weight limit but as heavy a load as I'm generally likely to carry.

Reversing out of the parking spot was a little difficult but steering forward was fine. Slight hesitation in tracking when cornering, but I didn't feel the trailer was steering the bike. Downhill was better than expected, but I wouldn't want to risk too much speed.

Part of my road is little more than a gravelled track, which bumped things round a bit (I wouldn't use the trailer off-road), but on smooth pot-hole free tarmac (we have a few short sections!) it ran well. No real hills to climb but fine on a very slight incline.


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