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lilHinault 10-04-05 11:22 PM

Homestarrunner jerseys
How come there aren't homestarrunner jerseys? I'd love to see Homestarrunner on a jersey, or StrongBad, or even StrongSad. Even The Cheat.

AtlPirate 10-05-05 05:17 AM

Man if the cheat were on a jersey i would buy it in a second, those cartoons make me laugh so hard, and they are locals here in atlanta, saw they at a confrence thing one time at boarders.

bikingbets 10-05-05 05:54 AM

Go to their site and suggest it...the Brothers Chaps are good guys and very open to suggestions! I'd love to see Strongsad on a road bike!

AtlPirate 10-05-05 06:01 AM

I think i would want StrongBad on the front and StrongBad and The CHeat doing somehting funny on the back.

wogdog 10-05-05 08:33 AM

Hey man, how do you ride with those boxing gloves on? Crapfully crappy, Crap.

Infodiva 10-05-05 11:12 AM

My husband says that "The Cheat" is the only yellow jersey he'd consider wearing!

TXCiclista 10-05-05 11:39 AM

YES! I want a "StrongBad's Mount Ridesplace USA" jersey :)

And can we have a sponsored event? Maybe the Homestarrunner 1-mile Challenge?

lala 10-05-05 01:35 PM

Strongsad!! Homsar!! Strongmad! Coach Z!!!!

Niten 10-05-05 07:12 PM

I'd wear it!

I sent email to the Brothers Chaps pointing to this thread. <strongmad>JERSEY! JERSEY!</strongmad>

bikingbets 10-05-05 08:34 PM

Awesome design, niten! I want one!! :D

djbrod 10-05-05 09:14 PM

I would wear one too. Love the design.

mirona 10-05-05 09:19 PM

Ha! I would buy one in a heartbeat!

seely 10-05-05 09:35 PM

Everybody to the limit!

cuda2k 10-05-05 09:47 PM

How about a Burninator jersey?

gurana 10-06-05 08:18 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by cuda2k
How about a Burninator jersey?


(niten, I used your shirt template, I hope that was alright?)

Niten 10-06-05 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by gurana
(niten, I used your shirt template, I hope that was alright?)

Of course! In fact, here's the not-all-marked-up version.

SilentShifter 10-06-05 08:55 AM

Trogdor would be sweet as a jersey!

My wife loves homestar and got me into it a few years back. They really should have something available for us!

gurana 10-06-05 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by Niten
Of course! In fact, here's the not-all-marked-up version.

Thanks :)

brokenrobot 10-06-05 10:40 AM

I Want One!!!

BenyBen 10-06-05 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by brokenrobot
I Want One!!!

Me too, I'd buy the Strongbad, the cheat and trogdor all at once.

-phaedrus- 10-06-05 11:16 AM

to the limit!

Elvish Legion 10-06-05 11:54 AM

Id buy one so It matched my Cheat messenger bag!

Niten 10-06-05 02:59 PM

I was raised by a cup of coffee!

lala 10-06-05 03:04 PM

^^^ Woot!

hi565 10-06-05 08:14 PM

'And I would come in with the guitar "Meedley meedly MEEDLY MEEDLLY MEEEEEEEEEEEE!"


That took up a good half of my 8th grade year :D

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