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Cadd 09-09-02 07:30 PM

I gotta brag too!
Yesterday I did my first Century!!! 107 miles (my computer says 109.0 miles....we got lost a couple of times) and my average speed was 11.1 mph. Total time was from 7am to time on the bike was 9 hours 43 minutes

My max speed was 36.8mph (down a really steep hill that I almost died climbing)....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my reward. :D

My day started at 4am. I planned to do the 75 miler. I was supposed to be at Central Park at 6am for the 75 miler (the 100 started at 5.30am). I got there at 6.30am (thank you NYC Subway). I left with the 7am wave. Rode down Manhattan to Brooklyn continued on to Queens (with huge steep hills)

At about the 75 mile point, I saw a sign that separated the road (100 make a left, 75 straight ahead). I opted for the 100! Big mistake! I was in the Bronx with hills similar to those of Queens. I also saw a prostitute too :eek: which helped me up that hill so I could get away from her (and any diseases she was carrying) as fast as I can.

Then it was more hills and more hills....I almost got dropped and I was so afraid of riding alone (in a real ghetto neighborhood in the Bronx) until the next group catches up. Somehow I managed to stay with the group of 10 or so until we hit a real nice neighborhood. I felt safer to slow down and waited until the next group was on my tail.

At about mile # 95, my right knee just gave up. I couldn't pedal with it. So for the last 12 miles (in Harlem), I unclipped my right foot and only pedaled with my left to the end. I walked up some big hills and coasted my way down.

After the ride, I had the BIGGEST BIGGEST smile on my face knowing that my average rides were usually 15 - 25 miles and my longest ride ever was +/- 45 miles.

Now, my whole body and my right knee is aching (I have a really tough time walking down the stairs now). But it was definitely worth it!!! I can't wait until October's Century.

Plus.....(I know I will get flame for this)....I was wearing a cotton T-shirt and MTB/ATB Bike shorts. At the end of the ride, my T-shirt was completely wet (luckily it wasn't cold) and by the time I got home, my T-shirt had small white circles in it (left over salt from my body I guess).

Trek2Kgirl 09-09-02 07:51 PM

Congratulations on achieving a cycling milestone--your first century! It was brave of you to opt for the 100 that far into the ride.

:beer: :fun: :thumbup:

I'm usually pretty sore and wiped out the day after long rides, too. I am riding in the Face of America ride in two weeks--3 back-to-back days of cycling from Ground Zero to Washington DC. I'm taking vacation days on the Monday and Tuesday after the ride , as I fully expect to be flat on my back! :sleep: :sleep:

Get out for an easy spin over the next day or two. It'll help with your recovery.

scubagirl 09-10-02 05:58 AM

Way to go!!! And you were only planning on the 75! Now you can train to make the next one easier.:thumbup:

MikeR 09-10-02 06:26 AM

Congrats, Cadd! :beer:

You beat me to it. I was hopping to hit the century mark this year but physical problems got in the way.

That century was a big push forward considering you past ride lengths. I assume that you are under 30 years old? If so, you'll recover from the push just fine.

Good job. I'm envious of you (but not your aches)

Bokkie 09-10-02 06:43 AM

Great going Cadd. Hope you recover well. Do not wash the t-shirt. Wait until the salt has really dried, then cut out around the marks. Save those for the next ride, it'll give you a good salt boost when you need it most!

Disgusting, do I hear? Come on, it's Cadd's own salt, isn't it?:D

Again, well done. Hope your recovery goes well.

Richard D 09-10-02 06:52 AM

Congrats :fun:


Inkwolf 09-10-02 07:04 AM

Way to go! :) Sounds like quite a wilderness you rode throug, too. :D

webist 09-10-02 12:09 PM

Congrats on a great achievement. Once again I am inspired to try it during 2003.

Ouch ! 09-10-02 12:21 PM

Way to go.

I really am jealous:D

Jeepbikerun 09-10-02 12:27 PM

GREAT JOB! I love stories like this. Thanks for brightening my day! :D

Yusuf 09-10-02 01:50 PM

What an acheivment and a wonderful story. Well done, that was some ride.

Cadd 09-11-02 06:54 PM

Thank you everyone, I feel great! My right knee is still sore (especially walking down the stairs....I bet this is a common thing huh?). But I haven't gotten the chance to ride this week. I wanted to do recovery rides of 10 - 15 miles to stretch my muscles a bit, but days are shorter and work is consuming most of my evenings.

Next time, I really want a partner to ride with. It gets boring sometimes riding alone with a whole bunch of strangers. So if anyone's doing a tour around NY who's around my skill level (11mph average over 100 miles) let me know.

After this ride, I've learned many things. One of which is that older folks get much much much more of my respect. I hope I will be able to do what they're doing when I reach that age.

The second thing I learned is to get a jersey even though I'm a slow rider. The only reason I didn't want to get a jersey was because I didn't want to get laughed at for going so slow. But I don't car what others think now.....I just want to feel comfortable!!!

Again, I just want to thank everyone here for your support. I couldn't of done it without the help/knowledge/criticism/advice of you guys. Bikefourms is the best....only because the moderator/members are the best.

Once again, Thank you, now let's hear about your long rides. I love to hear detailed stories! :)

Mambwe 09-11-02 07:45 PM

I did the same century. I was planning on doing either the 75 or 100. But my back , shoulders, and neck ccrapped out on me so i had to stop at 75. It was a great ride. I can't wait till next year. You should have come at the earlier time cause riding through manhattan while it was still dark was amazing, and we also rode over the brooklyn bridge as the sun was rising. I also only had a max ride of 30 miles when i tried the century, i also did it on a mountian bike. I averaged around 14 MPH but it probaly would have been lower if i had gone through the bronx and the hills. Congrats on the century.

Brooky 09-14-02 08:18 AM

Right! I've just cycled from Halifax (Yorkshire, UK) to Montpellier (S.France) In about 21 days along with 5 friends! Total milage count was almost exactly 1000 miles!! Max 78 miles in one day!

Between us have raised about 4000 - 5000 possibly more for a very good cause!!

Any more sponsorship would be fantastic!!

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