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RonH 09-10-02 03:19 PM

Server problems???
What happened to the server?
I got several strange looking screens with database error messages and saying a message was being sent to technical support.

Not Sep-Oct 2001 all over again I hope. :confused: :eek: :confused:

Joe, is it time for more contributions? ;)

Joe Gardner 09-10-02 03:23 PM

I just purchased a new computer, and took down my old one. I sent a quick email to my webhost to recive the database password so i could backup the database. They did not have access to the password, so they created a new password... Once they changed the password, the old pass wouldnt work for the database, so we got error messages. It took me a few minutes to get into the database and change the pass. whew! :)

Joe Gardner 09-10-02 03:24 PM

Yikes! The database was down for just over an hour, i recived over 1800 database errror emails, and a few personal emails letting me know of the problem.

catfish 09-10-02 03:53 PM

thats a lot of hits in one hour Joe you got s popuar site here

WorldIRC 09-10-02 03:58 PM

well then theres people like me who refresh every 5 minutes with means 1 email every 5 minutes so...

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