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rollo 10-07-05 08:54 AM

The need for speed
I was cleaning up some files and came across this. Just thought I'd share with some who might understand.
The need for speed :
When the sweat starts to get into the road rash acquired by going too fast on this mornings ride , the sting makes you stand up and attack.
When you check your speed to make sure your going just as fast as when its Not raining.
When the only time in the day you forget about that flu you have is when your riding.
When you show your kids the importance of wearing a helmet by letting them examine the cracks in your old one.
When you pray that your wife and kids will never ride like you do.

meme 10-07-05 01:26 PM

I wouldn't be doing speed rides if I have the flu. More energy going into speed means less energy for your body to fight the flu, which might make you sicker.

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