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kewlrunningz 09-10-02 07:17 PM

Forum Cop...
We have a forum Janitor, why not a forum cop ;) ?

fubar5 09-10-02 07:20 PM

They're called moderators. ;)

Joe Gardner 09-10-02 07:31 PM

The janitor is the guy who gets to sleep under the desk while everyone else works, right? :)

kewlrunningz 09-10-02 07:37 PM

Thats what your office/closet is for. :beer:

Pete Clark 09-10-02 09:10 PM

Sorry, but the Forum Cop is upper management.


Joe Gardner 09-10-02 09:25 PM

Originally posted by kewlrunningz
Thats what your office/closet is for. :beer:
Office?! Closet?! I only have a desk... :(

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