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Paddy2nz 10-08-05 02:28 AM

is teh New Zealand trek 7*00 same as US FX series?
Hi, I also posted this int eh recreational forum, but wasn't sure it was right.
I was wondering if you could clarify this for me? The New Zealand/Australian Trek Hybrid bikes are different to the ones that you get in the US. I was wondering if these are still the FX bikes or are they just a 7*00? I'll post the links...




I really wanted an FX bike but apparently these ones have front shocks and that makes me wonder if they are actually the FX models. Also, do they have trigger shifters or twist shifters? From what I can tell comparing the photos, the ones on the Australian website are exactly the same as teh FX models on the US website except for the front suspension. That's the only discernible difference I can see.

In conclusion, if I buy one of the ones shown on the Australian website, would I be buying a FX series (only with front suspension), as opposed to a non-FX series. If so, does this mean that these would have trigger shifters?


Sorry if this sounds dumb!

EricDJ 10-08-05 04:21 AM

Weird, they use the same bike but add front shocks. I'd prefer the US version. I can't figure what is on the bike with the limited specs they have on the AU site, but what is mentioned is different completely.

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