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ctyler 10-09-05 05:08 PM

Today's Ride...
I hope you all had as great a ride as I did this afternoon. It was the quintessential October Sunday afternoon here in southern Wisconsin. Temp in the mid-50s, clear blue sky, and a light breeze. Went out on some country roads I've never ridden before, and WOW, was it a great ride. No traffic, enough short hills to make it interesting and fun on the downhill. I could use more days like today.


Bikepacker67 10-09-05 05:45 PM

I hear ya, about Autumnal cycling...

Except for the recent rain, New England has been spectacular this "harvest" season.

jhota 10-09-05 06:09 PM

my ride started at the usual 8 AM today, and by 10:45 when it ended the temperature was about 81 degrees with a 98 degree heat index. but it was a good ride anyway.

Nachoman 10-09-05 06:33 PM

I did a quick 23 miles on a tandem with my 9 year old up to the top of Mt. Soledad. Weather was not a factor, here in San Diego. It's always the same.

Machka 10-09-05 07:23 PM

I also had a great ride today! :) After a couple weeks of "iffy" weather, this weekend surprisingly cleared up and warmed up.

It was a brisk -3C/26.6F with a light, white frost over everything, but blissfully ... brilliant sunshine and no wind!

I also chose a route to start my ride which I had not ridden before and it was well worth it. The road didn't have much of a shoulder, but there was practically no traffic, so that was good. And the road took me up and down some rolling hills through very pretty country. Most of the trees have lost their leaves already, but the ones that still have them are almost florescent orange, which stands out against the backdrop of the dark green pines. Harvesting is under way everywhere, so the golden fields are dotted with bales and lined with windrows.

I thought I was working quite a bit as I rode along. I knew there were some small hills, but even on the flat bits I felt like I was still putting in a lot of effort. I even debated about checking my tires. Then I reached the top of another little hill ... stopped to eat an energy bar ... and looked around. I had reached the top of an incredibly long climb! No wonder I felt like I had been working so hard - I'd been climbing the whole time!! Gotta love those false flats.

But what a view!! I looked out over those orange and green trees, the harvested fields, the rolling hills in the distance ... all the way to the Rocky Mountains on the horizon! I've never seen them looking so big and so white from this far away before! The sun was glistening off the freshly fallen snow. They were beautiful.

I rode toward them for the next 10 kms, but then sadly had to turn. However, the rest of my ride continued through lovely fall scenery.

The temperature warmed up to 12C/53.6F ... absolutely gorgeous for this time of year!

When I rolled in 8 hours and 45 minutes later, I had completed my October century - 101.5 miles. :D A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!!! :D :D

R900 10-09-05 07:51 PM

Sounds great, today we had low 50's with decent wind, heavy overcast, and light rain. Like they say the worse day riding... Anyway, I pulled out the arm warmers, vest, wool socks, and tights. Felt good the whole ride, got a little hot on one long hill, but nice to just unzip the vest for a mile or two. I usually can ride down to the high 30's, but sunny is always better. I can't wait for a decent cool, bright day. For the 40's and under, I'll pull out the jacket, heavy tights, full finger gloves, and show covers.


Longhorn 10-09-05 09:51 PM

My husband and I also took a new route today. Lots of hills but we chugged along for about 17 miles. It was my first time on my Trek 7200 after months of commuting on my electric bike. Everything was perfect -- temps in the 70s to low 80s, beautiful clear blue skies, great roads, great breakfast -- but my butt was as sore as it has ever been. Even though I'm still not completely comfortable on my Brooks, I wish I had moved it over to the Trek for today's ride. I'm afraid the Terry Liberator will no longer do. :(

CyLowe97 10-10-05 07:35 AM

Had to watch a sick 10 month old all Sunday... it was so sunny out and low 60s! Dang!

Did get a quick 20 mile jaunt in on Saturday, though it was overcast, a tad windy, and in low 50's. The trees are turning a bit and the dry fall smell is in the air... it's delightful....

Boudicca 10-10-05 07:49 AM

Sunday was only around 5C (40-ishF) at the start of the ride, with a stiff, cool breeze, and it was just a notch too cold for my liking -- or maybe I had a notch too few clothes. I put on an extra layer at lunchtime, and the weather warned up a little too, so that actually felt quite good. But I wimped out of riding today because it's 10C (50F) but one of those dull, overcast drizzly days, where the damp gets into whatever you wear and I just didn't think it would be fun. Will tidy up the back yard instead, which is probably a much more urgent exercise.

HWS 10-10-05 08:11 AM

Did a Spinervals session in the basement :( :(

cc_rider 10-10-05 08:14 AM

Cold (50's to low 60's), wet (but no rain), windy and no sun.
Still did 50 miles.
Not a bad day.

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