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iluvbiking 09-11-02 08:55 PM

new member
Hi all,

i am a new member from india.

One of the first things i would like to ask in this forum is am i allowed as a member or is it restricted only for north america/europe?

anyway i find the topics to be very intresting.

thank you

Dirtgrinder 09-11-02 09:01 PM

Of course you're welcome! The more the merrier. :)

MeHT 09-11-02 09:01 PM

Of course, multiculturalism and internationalism is encouraged! :)
By the way, there's a special 'Introductions' section here.
Bah, several seconds late. :)

Joe Gardner 09-11-02 09:03 PM

Welcome to the forums srinipartha! I think we have one other member from India here. You are more then welcome on these forums.

What type of biking interests you? Can you tell us more about yourself?

[edit]I'm too slow! ;) [/edit]

dirtbikedude 09-11-02 09:19 PM

Greetings, welcome to the forum.
What part of India are you from? My wife's brother-in-law is from Kerala.

goodcatjack 09-12-02 11:14 AM

that's one of the things that relieved me about this forum -- its members from countries other than America. bicycling is popular here, but obviously much more so in other countries. plus, it's been good to have the multicultural input in these recent 9/11 discussions. anyhow, the international flavor of this forum is unique, I find.

I still consider myself a new member, but let me thow in my welcome, too!


PapaBear 09-12-02 11:24 AM

Greatings and welcome to the forum!


Ellie 09-13-02 02:45 AM

I'll say hi too! I'm not American, at least! ;)

Join in, and then the forums definitely aren't just for us Westerners...


MediaCreations 09-13-02 02:50 AM

Welcome to the forums from an Australian cyclist. (If they let Aussies join, they'll let anyone.:D )

I'm planning to visit Delhi in February next year for a bike ride. What part of India are you from?

Pete Clark 09-13-02 08:37 PM

Be warned, Srinipartha: it may not be wise to become a member of anything Pete Clark is a member of.


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